Painting, Quilting, Purses… Just a few of my Projects Underway…

I’ve been working on a number of different projects lately- which is as normal as apple pie is American!  Lol.  I ALWAYS have a bazillion projects going at once.  It’s just the way I have found that I work best…

So, on Saturday I did a demo painting at the Groundhog Wine Festival (near the home of Punxsutawney Phil) of one of my favorite waterfalls from Ricketts Glen State Park in PA- sans the big log that has been hanging out in front of it for like- forever!  It looks done, but there’s still several sections of the waterfall that need to be added in once this layer of paint is dry.  I’m so excited to finish it!




I’ve got several Yosaic purses that at least have the front panels put together!  




And then, I started turning the Yosaic butterfly that I had pinned together into a full blown wallhanging.  I still need to straighten up the sides, but then this will be ready for the final stages of sewing!



The upside of always working of a dozen or so projects at once is that you always have the excitement of both starting something & finishing something- although it’s usually two different somethings!  Lol.  And if you get bored with one project, you can always find something that you’re in the mood or have time/space/energy for!  I love it!  Sometimes I finish a bunch of things all at once & then go months before I have more to post, & sometimes I trail things out along the way, but no matter what, I have fun.  -And I’m always learning & trying new things.  My husband asked me tonight why I didn’t just stick with drawing because I was already so good at that- & I echoed his own words of a few weeks ago back to him, “Because I need new mountains to climb!”  🙂  

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