Bio: This blog is about what I have learned about self-sufficiency, an attitude of lifelong learning and the ever important 'can-do!' spirit along with what some call prepping and others call homesteading. To me, they're all related; they're all about continually gaining skills of self-sufficiency. I've been a military/police daughter and a military wife. I do firmly believe that adequate preparation and awareness can curb or thwart a number of problems in life & I'll share some of what I've learned from that journey here. I was both public schooled and later homeschooled in my early years. I worked for many years to put myself through school and eventually received a degree in education from Penn State, with concentrations in, Spanish, & art as well as Business & Management from Allegheny College of Maryland. I have taught in all kinds of schools (Charter Schools were my favorite!) but most of my career has been spent very successfully in marketing and advertising; so I write a blog about marketing as well. What may surprise you is that I've lived with chronic illness & some severe injuries for most of my life. I've had a lot of hurtles to climb over in order to keep working, keep thriving and continue to be independent. Facing these challenges has shown me where I need to be better prepared in the future, has helped me to gain problem solving skills, and spiritual strength along with a much deeper faith in God. It has made me into who I am today; so I am grateful for it. Is it easy to live with chronic and often debilitating pain? No, not by a long shot. And I don't know if you will talk to many preppers or homesteaders who live with chronic illness and injury, but my journey has taught me to fight. It has made me strong- & determined to succeed no matter what the odds. We sort of all assume that we're going to be healthy & injury free forever, but the skills that it takes to overcome an economic downturn, a natural disaster, or a job loss are the same skills that it takes to overcome personal injury & illness, not to mention the problems that it can cause. So, I speak a lot in general terms because the things I've learned can be applied to a lot of different situations. I hope it helps you. Leave me feedback and let me know. I love learning from others!

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